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The Invisible
Environmental Contamination

Technical progress has always had positive and negative sides No generation has, biologically speaking, “experience” in dealing with high frequency electromagnetic radiation, as they are needed for the operation of mobile phones, Wi-Fi and other smart applications. New creative ideas are being added every day: Intelligent refrigerators, lamp control, etc. A blessing for some and a martyrdom for others. With every technical gimmick, the sources of pollution increase. True, the individual sources are very weak and fall below the critical values regarded as critical, but there are still doubts as the whether the “invisible pollution” will demand their tribute.

Man is a bio-energetic being. Low power pulses carry nerve signals and cause muscle contractions. More and more people complain about diffuse symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and sleep problems. Even flu-like symptoms occur. These symptoms are not directly attributable to the radiation of mobile phones, but seem to be of a different nature. Because all the technology and the way they work and affect the human body are still in their infancy, government agencies avoid taking a clear position.

Particularly with infants and toddlers, there is a lack of valid studies. Since the exposure to high frequency electromagnetic radiation in recent years has increased exorbitantly, a comparison with older studies is no longer possible. Special attention must be paid to the effect of ever increasing radiation exposure on infants and toddlers. There should be retreat rooms in every dwelling and every house. But even if you follow the common precautionary measures such as turning off the wireless router or disconnect the network, the neighbourhood may be less sensitive to this issue. This makes it almost impossible to evade the pulse-modulated radiation without the need for additional shielding.

Goldkind.Pro is the first system specially designed for infants and toddlers, which creates a quiet zone in the radiation jungle in a very simple way.

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