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Screaming Children


  • more than three hours every day
  • on more than three days a week
  • for more than three weeks

Screaming attacks usually begin around the second week after being born, increasing until the sixth week of life and usually end when the baby is four months old. In some cases, the screaming continues until the sixth month of life or even longer.

All babies scream, because they do not have any words to communicate how they feel. If they get what they need, they are soon quiet again. However, some babies continue to scream even if they apparently have all their needs satisfied.

If one can rule out abdominal pain from colic, diseases or deformities of the neck bones (KISS syndrome), scientists are entering an undiscovered land. Despite decades of research, the cause of the ongoing screaming remains unclear.

You should do the following:

  • Have the doctor check if your child is ill.
  • Be sure to look for help if you feel overwhelmed.
  • A change nutrition is only useful if your child is actually allergic to a food (diarrhoea is an indication of an allergy).
  • A regulated daily routine with set times for feeding, playing, going for a walk and sleeping.
  • Screaming babies are often very interested in their environment. But that, what they perceive is often overwhelming. Reduce external stimuli.
  • Get help form your partner or from friends and relatives. As an irritated father or as an exhausted mother, you must be able get some rest from time to time.
  • You can also find help in so-called scream ambulances. These are affiliated to hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and counselling centres.

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