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Preventative Measures

Tips for radiation reduction

Government agencies, such as the Medical Council of Austria or the Federal Office for Radiation Safety, recommend a similar set of measures to prevent any damage from the radiation of mobile devices. In this context, it is always emphasised that “... the health aspects of mobile telephony have not been sufficiently researched ...”

  • When buying a cell phone, keep in mind low SAR values.
  • Be brief.
  • In situations where you can choose between mobile and landline, use the landline.
  • Make as few phone calls as possible in the car (the car body acts as a shield, causing the mobile phone to boost the transmission power).
  • For mobile phones with GSM, wait a while for the connection before bringing the phone to your head.
  • If possible, do not make phone calls if the reception is poor.
  • Use headsets or hands-free kits.
  • If possible, do not carry the phone directly on the body.
  • Send an SMS instead of talking on the phone.

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