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How is the Goldkind.Pro canopy and crib assembled?

Is Goldkind.Pro well tolerated by children?

The fabric is dermatologically tested. The health compatibility of Goldkind.Pro was our top priority when developing the product. The Goldkind fabric was classified as non-cytotoxic in an elution test performed according to ISO 10993-5. No nano-silver is used.

The nickel content of the fabric was determined according to DIN EN ISO 17025. Accordingly, the nickel content is 0.005 ppm - 0.35 ppm. For example: Class III medical devices, such as implantable pacemakers must have a nickel content below 2 ppm. The fabric has considerably less

The fabric complies with ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100 according to Annex 4, Product Class I for baby articles. A very important certificate! The fabric has been subjected to a skin irritation test because the fabric may come into contact with the skin. The epicutan testing went very well with the result: very good. The fabric can be treated as dermatologically tested.

Can Goldkind.Pro fabric be washed?
How is Goldkind.Pro delivered?
How does Goldkind.Pro work?
How powerful is Goldkind.Pro?
Why a canopy?

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